Data Protection Law Consultancy

Our service covers your entire organizational chart, starting from the top manager working in your organization. Would you like to work with professionals to manage the awareness training of all your staff and the compliance processes of your institution?

Data Protection Law Consultancy

How Do We Work?

Personal Data Protection Trainings

Providing necessary trainings and awareness sessions for authorized personnel within the institution.

Personal Data Protection Compliance Consultancy

Managing your institution's Personal Data Protection processes from start to finish to ensure compliance with regulations.

Personal Data Protection Extras

Providing necessary pentest, network, and database management services within technical scopes.

Training Topics

Basic definitions, concepts, and regulations.
Recommended methods for implementing the personal data processing inventory.
Awareness training for employees in contact with customers.
Identifying and addressing information security gaps for your personnel, providing necessary training, and minimizing risks.
Issues related to the transfer of data by the data controller to other data controllers or data processors.
Training on monitoring and managing the application process related to personal data requests from customers.

Consultancy Process

  • Initial Meeting with the Project Manager

  • Review of Technical and Administrative Measures within the Institution

  • Assessment of Current Situation

  • Initiation of the First Training Process

  • Preparation of Personal Data Processing Inventory

  • Review of Contracts

  • Completion of Documentation Process

  • Registration Process to VERBIS

  • Initiation of the Second Training Process

  • Final Situation Assessment

Our Additional Services

A simulation service conducted to preemptively identify potential damages that a malicious attacker could cause to the systems, whether from inside or outside, and to detect vulnerabilities.
Reconfiguring and managing products like Firewalls, Switches, and Routers on your system with necessary security measures.
A special system consultancy and technical support package where we monitor all operations, including Servers, Active Directory, Backup, and Network Management.